JC Durrah

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People, people….OH, my PEOPLE. I apologize for the Jimmy Hoffa status we’ve been on lately, but cats are working! We’re working on a few projects. Donald is finishing up at UDC and getting all kinds of certifications, and I’m currently slaving away in law school. (Far cry from the music, right?!). At any rate, all is well, and we’re back in action.

I’ve gotta take some time and shout out one of THE dopest (and definitely most innovative) artists at my beloved Alma Mater, Howard University: JC Durrah. This brother has grown continuously since I met him a few years back, and he definitely encapsulates all the “grussle” necessary to make it in the music world. His vocal harmonies are so fresh, thoughtful, and expressive; His songwriting talents are enviable by the best in the business; AND he’s a Sinfonian? Too much! This is one of those cats that you wanna tell to slow down so you can catch up! Check out his stuff, so you too can say you were hip before the Grammy!

Journey to a Parallel Universe


O-Boogie – What You Want (Ft. Real & Rashid Amir & Niles)

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The offiical first single for OverDose EP.  Mixed, Mastered and ready. Thanx to Rebels Music Empire & my homie Niles for the collaboration. It is true Omare is leaving the states for Brazil so please support our Music!!!!! Listen Here

Niles will be opening up for Raekwon at the Staten Island State Park show on Wednesday, August 12th. and The Rebels (a.k.a Rebels Music Empire) is workin on Real’s album “Still Untitled To This Day” which is coming out this month. Check them out and support Good Music!!!

Q-Tip @ SummerStage Part II

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Some more footage of SummerStage

Jay-Z Ft. Kanye West & Rihanna – Run This Town

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New for Blueprint 3. This is a low-key stadium song, Not as hitting as D.O.A though. Kanye did the 3rd verse well. Listen Here

K’Naan-Live at SXSW 2009

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This is K’Naan, “The Dusty-Foot Philosopher,” LIVE at SXSW 2009 in my hometown of Austin, Texas. Enjoy.
(If you enjoy it, there’s a download link on the page!)

Q-Tip @ SummerStage 7-18-09

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Q-Tip rocks the house with a great melody old & new material, please support the boy. Peep the Dancing Machine/Move on 14:19. Uploading part II now. Stay tuned.

Q-Tip – Johnny Is Dead

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Q-Tip is at Central Park, NYC 3 pm. Best believe Raised Right will keep you posted.